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In the United States, Samsung’s new A-series phones come without a charger, which is part of a growing trend.

On Friday, Samsung launched its new 2022 A-series phones in the United States without much fanfare. The Galaxy A13 5G and Galaxy A03s were just two of the phones that appeared on the company’s website for the low prices of $249.99 and $159.99, without any announcement.

Even taking into account the $75 trade-in credit Samsung offers in exchange for your old bottom-feeding junk, the new A-series phones feature some impressive specifications for their price tags.

The Galaxy A13 has a 50MP main camera and a 5000mAh battery to power its 6.5″ 1080p 90Hz refresh rate display. The Galaxy A03 has a 5000mAh battery but only a 13MP main camera and an HD+ screen resolution, making it more affordable.

There is no charger included in the Samsung 2022 A-series box.

However, in contrast to their predecessors, those two new phones from Samsung’s budget-to-midrange A-line don’t come packaged with a charging cable. In recent months, we’ve heard whispers that Samsung planned to cease providing chargers with all new phones going forward, including those in the A-series, and the rumour appears to have come true.

Find out the differences between the Galaxy A13 and Galaxy A12 models.

However, the language used in the tiny print battery section writing for the new Galaxy A13 and A03s has changed dramatically. The new Galaxy A13 and A03s have massive 5000mAh batteries, and Samsung recommends using a 15W charger to (slowly) top them up.

With regard to the Galaxy A12, which Samsung is still selling at a discount right now, the company waxes lyrical about the device’s long battery life and claims that “when you don’t have time to waste, FastCharging can power you up in minutes,” with the additional clarification of “Fast Charging capability through the provided charger” thrown in for good measure.

In the case of the Galaxy A13 5G, Samsung says “wall charger sold separately; use only Samsung-approved chargers and connectors.” “Wall chargers are sold separately; use only Samsung-approved chargers and cables. Avoid using unsuitable, worn, or damaged batteries, chargers, or cords with your smartphone to avoid injury or damage to yourself or your device. The device supports fast charging up to 15 watts. “

In addition, it appears that the new Galaxy A23, along with the inexpensive phones from the M-series that Samsung produces in select areas, will ship without a charger, ushering in a new era of environmentally friendly and cost-saving charging realities for the world’s largest phone manufacturer.